10 Rare Flowers-Blue Star Water Lily

10 Rare Flowers

The world brims with wonders, and while we often encounter flowers like roses and lilies, there are some rare and precious blooms that most people never get to see. Some of these flowers have such a fleeting existence, gracing us with their beauty for just an hour or two. Let's explore some of the rarest and most exquisite flowers on Earth.

1 Blue Star Water Lily

10 Rare Flowers-Blue Star Water Lily, photo by Subhrajyoti07Also known as Nymphaea Nouchali, this gorgeous flower is native to southern and eastern Asia. It proudly represents Bangladesh and Sri Lanka as their national flower. Its alluring purple petals surround numerous golden tendrils, and its stamen only opens right before the flower fades. The Blue Star Water Lily blooms for just seven magical days each year.

2 Jade Vine10 Rare Flowers-Jade Vine, photo by Rhododendrites

This exquisite, green jade vine can only be found in the Philippine rainforest. Its captivating green and blue hues have earned it the name "jade grape." This endangered species grows in specific soil conditions because its natural habitat has been destroyed. The Jade Vine's flowers transition from light to dark green as they mature, creating a mesmerizing display. The flowering period occurs between December and April, and the chances of bearing fruit are meagre.

3 Parrot Flower10 Rare Flowers-Parrot Flower, photo by Erika Owen

Growing wild in northern Thailand, Myanmar, and a small part of northeastern India, the Parrot Flower boasts fleshy light green stems and purple leaves that branch out to resemble a parrot in full bloom. This protected flower comes in various colours, including purple, white, pink, and brownish-red. You'll have to visit Thailand, Myanmar, or northeastern India to see this rare beauty.

4 Ghost Orchid10 Rare Flowers-Ghost Orchid, photo by Mick Fournier / HBI Producers of Fine OrchidsThe elusive Ghost Orchid, or Dendrophylax Lindenii, grows in Cuba and Florida and thrives only in specific environmental conditions. Its peculiar spider-like shape gives it a ghostly appearance that captivates anyone who sees it. This extraordinary orchid doesn't have leaves, making it challenging to find and cultivate. As the most expensive orchid globally, the Ghost Orchid's unique beauty leaves a lasting impression.

5 Slipper Orchid10 Rare Flowers-Slipper Orchid, photo by Madereugeneandrew

Cypripedioideae, commonly known as the Slipper Orchid, can be found across Central and South America, North America, Europe, northern Asia, and subtropical and tropical Southeast Asia. However, it is rarely seen in Australia and Africa. These stunning flowers can only grow in specific calcareous substrates. Those fortunate enough to have one exude a unique, dazzling aura that attracts admiration.

6 Middlemist Red10 Rare Flowers-Middlemist Red, photo by u/SobridMusicOriginating from China, the Middlemist Red is a luxurious variety of Camellia. Imported to Chiswick, West London, by a nurseryman named Middlemist in 1804, it has since vanished from its native country. Today, this rare flower exists in only two places: a garden in New Zealand (Treaty House) and a greenhouse in England (Chiswick House & Gardens). The Middlemist Red has been blossoming for over two centuries.

7 Rafflesia10 Rare Flowers-Rafflesia, photo by SofianRafflesiaAs the world's largest flower, the Rafflesia blooms only once in its lifetime. Found in the rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra, this flower's vibrant colours contrast with its repulsive scent, which is unbearable to humans and some insects. Despite its off-putting odour, Rafflesia is considered medicinal and used as a remedy for childbirth. Interestingly, the Pokemon Vileplume is based on this unique flower.

8 Queen of the Night10 Rare Flowers-Queen of the Night, photo by Ks.mini

Epiphyllum Oxypetalum, also known as Queen of the Night, is native to southern Mexico and a vast area of South America. This bewitching flower is cultivated widely in the tropics, especially in Southeast Asia, and even grows in parts of China. The Queen of the Night blooms for a mere hour or two at midnight, wilting before the break of dawn. Its unpredictable flowering period adds to its rarity. When it does bloom, the flower is stunning, emitting an enchanting fragrance. This legendary flower is not for sale and remains priceless on the market.

9 Titan Arum10 Rare Flowers-Titan Arum, photo by Sailing moose

The Titan Arum, also known as Amorphophallus titanum or corpse flower, is native to western Sumatra. This rare flower is cultivated by botanical gardens worldwide and some private collectors. It fears sunlight and blooms only about three times in its life. The flowering period is concise, with the flower withering after it bears fruit. Known for its unpleasant corpse-like odour when it blooms, the Titan Arum is a fascinating and peculiar rarity.

10 Chocolate Cosmos10 Rare Flowers-Chocolate Cosmos, photo by Björn Appel

Native to Mexico, the Chocolate Cosmos, or Cosmos Atrosanguineus, is unique for its delightful chocolate scent. This flower blooms at night and withers after it has flowered, making its flowering period brief. Local authorities have passed laws to protect the areas where it grows from disruption. The Chocolate Cosmos is currently well-protected and cherished.

These are our top 10 rare flowers from around the world. Which one has captured your heart?
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