Do you deliver on Saturdays or public holidays?

Yes, we deliver on weekends and most public holidays, and same-day delivery is available.

Can I request delivery at a specific time?

Our driver will do the deliveries on the selected delivery date. And you can leave the preferred delivery time in the 'Delivery instructions' on the checkout page, and our drivers will do their best to meet the time frame.

But on some days, there may be tons of deliveries on the selected delivery date. We cannot guarantee that your driver will arrive within the time frame.
We are expanding our delivery team. In the future, we can provide a specific time delivery service. We appreciate your understanding.

Can you deliver to companies, schools or hospitals?

Yes, we can.

For corporate deliveries, drivers will do their best to deliver by 2:30 pm unless additional delivery instructions are given.

For school deliveries, drivers will do their best to deliver by 2:30 pm unless additional delivery instructions are given.

For hospital deliveries, please specify that the recipient is a patient or staff in the 'Delivery Instruction' section on the checkout page, and call the hospital to check if they accept flowers.

Can you deliver to apartment or flat?

Yes, we can. Please leave the unit or flat number at the 'Delivery Address' or 'Delivery Instruction' on the checkout page. Our drivers will ring the unit or flat number first via telecom. If no one is home, they will call or text the recipient, and if drivers are still waiting for a response, they may contact the building manager or 1-2 neighbours to ask if they could deliver the flowers by the mailroom or apartment door.
If you have any other questions about flat or apartment delivery, please contact us via online chat or email at info@flowersexpressco.com.au.

Do you deliver outside of Melbourne?

Sorry, our delivery radius is 35 km from Hughesdale, VIC 3166. We are continually expanding our delivery range to provide happiness to more people. Stay tuned!!!

Do you offer same-day delivery?

Yes, we offer same-day delivery service. The latest time for ordering for same-day delivery is 2:30 pm Mon-Friday and 2:30 pm Saturday/public holidays.

My delivery suburb is not listed, what should I do?

Our delivery radius is 35 km from Hughesdale, VIC 3166. If the delivery suburb is on the edge of the radius but not listed, please contact us via online chat or email at info@flowersexpressco.com.au, we will arrange the delivery. An addtional delivery fee may apply.

What date will my order arrive?

The order will arrive on the selected delivery date. When the driver starts, you will receive an SMS or email from an application (Go People). From the link, you can tracking drivers' real-time location, ETA(estimated time of arrival), check delivery photos and send a message the driver to update the delivery instruction.

What if I provide the wrong address?

Please leave the order number and alternative delivery address via online chat, SMS +61 478 396 448 or email info@flowersexpressco.com.au. We will update the delivery address for you ASAP. We will not charge any additional delivery fee if the new address is at most 5 km from the original address. If the flowers arrived, we will provide a 60% off discount for the next order to the same recipient.

What if the recipient is not at home at the time of your delivery?

Our drivers will ring the doorbell or telecom when they arrive. If no one answers, they will leave the flowers in a safe and shaded place if the driver cannot find such a place. They will contact the recipient. If they cannot get in touch with the recipient, they will speak to some friendly neighbours to see if they could accept it on behalf of the recipient or if they could open the secured gate for our driver. Then, the driver will send a delivery photo to the recipient via SMS. If all above doesn't work, we will contact you as soon as possible to arrange the re-delivery to the recipient with a re-delivery fee the next day and a possible re-arrangement fee (50% of the flowers price) if we deliver a new bloom to the recipient on the same day.

What is the cost of delivery?

We offer free delivery in some suburbs close to us. Delivery fee for other surburbs is starting from $6. Delivery fee to a specific address is automatically calculated on the chekout page.
Discount rate will apply when you purchase over $50.

What is the cut-off time for your same-day delivery orders?

Same-day delivery service is available till 2:30 pm Mon-Friday, 2:30 pm Saturday/public holidays.

What is your delivery area?

Our delivery range is 35 km from Hughesdale, VIC 3166. The range covers most of the suburbs around Melbourne and Frankston.

When will my order arrive?

When our drivers start, you will receive a tracking link from a tracking application (Go People) via SMS or email. You can see a more accurate estimated time of arrival there.


Can I request a customised bouquet?

Yes, please leave your flower request in 'Optional instruction to florists' on the cart page. Our florists will arrange the bouquet in your flavour.
To be noticed, our florists will try their best to match the requirement, but we may substitute some off-season flowers with a similar colour seasonal flowers.

How do I care for the bouquet I receive?

Bouquet - remove the recyclable plastic bag and kitchen paper from the bouquet's stem, keep the rubber band tied, cut 1-2 cm from the stem, place in a suitable vase containing 1/3 to 1/2 room temperature water and change the water every 1-3 days.

Jar - change the water every 1-3 days. Also, the flowers will last longer if you put 1 teaspoon of salt or baking soda in when changing water.

Flower box - drop fresh water every day into the foam.

Remove dead or wilting leaves immediately.

What size bouquets do you offer?

Small arrrangement contains: 1-2 Premium Flowers, 6-7 Filler Flowers and 1-2 Foliages or gum
Medium arrrangement contains: 2-3 Premium Flowers, 12-13 Filler Flowers and 2-3 Foliages or gum
Large arrrangement contains: 3-4 Premium Flowers, 18-19 Filler Flowers and 3-5 Foliages or gum

Will the flowers the recipient receive be exactly the same as the pictures on the website?

We promise that the recipient will receive flowers in a similar colour as the sample and in a similar design as the picture. But as the season changes, we may substitute some off-season flowers with the freshest seasonal blooms.


How do I track my order?

After the driver completes the pick-up process, we will send an email or an SMS with a live tracking link to your email or mobile via a third-party app (Go People). If the mobile number you have entered to receive tracking information is outside Australia, don't hesitate to contact us via live chat or email (info@flowersexpressco.com.au). We will send you the live tracking link as soon as we can.

On the live tracking link, you can check the estimated time of arrival (ETA) driver's real-time location and communicate with the driver.

How do I update my billing address?

We will not send billing information or price tags to the billing or delivery address. The billing address will be only used by our bank to make sure that the payment method is authorised. If you need to update your billing address, please send your order number and new billing address to info@flowersexpressco.com.au, and we will correct it on your order as soon as possible.

How do I update my order information?

Please send your order number and the information you would like to update to live chat or info@flowersexpressco.com.au, and we will update it on your order for you and get back to you as soon as possible.

What delivery options are available?

We only offer delivery or pick-up services for now. Please select 'Local delivery' or 'Pick up' on the checkout page. It may take our florists around 30min to 1hr to prepare your blooms.

What is your delivery process?

Our earliest driver round will start picking up all their deliveries on the selected delivery date at around 9:30 am.
Each driver will usually deliver to 10-20 addresses.

What payment methods do you support?

We accept credit cards or PayPal.
If you would like to pay by bank transfer, please get in touch with us via live chat or email at info@flowersexpressco.com.au

Can I send wine, sparkling or other liquor to the recipient?

Yes, you can. According to the Victoria State Government, the purchase must meet ALL the following requirements:
a. Both the purchaser and recipient of the flowers or gift must be 18 years or over.
b. Liquor must be packaged together with flowers, food or other gifts
c. The volume of liquor supplied to a person must not exceed 1.5 litres per day
d. The value of the liquor and its container must not be more than 50 per cent of the gift's sale price

For more information, please visit:


What happens if I use the delivery address as the billing?

The billing address is primarily utilized to authenticate and process your payment securely. Rest assured, no invoices, price lists, or any paper documentation concerning billing will accompany your flowers or gifts. We ensure that only the flowers, gifts, and your card message will be delivered to the intended recipient. Should you need a digital copy of your receipt in PDF format, kindly contact us at info@flowersexpressco.com.au, and we'll be more than happy to assist you.

How can I contact you?

Timely response via 'Chat with us'
Email: info@flowersexpressco.com.au
SMS or call us: +61 478 396 448

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