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How To Draw A Flower - Oriental Lily

Discover the beauty of the Oriental lily, a popular and stunning flower. In this tutorial, we'll guide you through sketching a lovely lily in just five minutes. Grab a pencil, pen, eraser, and white A4 paper, and let's get started!

  • Begin by sketching a large circle in the middle of your paper, then draw a curved line. Add a smaller intersecting circle adjacent to the larger one using a pencil.

  • From the top left corner, draw two curved lines that extend towards the intersection point of the two circles (Pencil).

  • Sketch additional curved lines from the top left corner, converging at the centre of the smaller circle. This essential step outlines the direction of the petals (Pencil).

  • Using a pen, trace over the pencil lines to define the petals (Pen).

  • Draw several "coffee bean" shapes around the smaller circle to create depth (Pen).

  • Sketch the stamen to finalize the flower's outline (Pen).

  • Gently erase the pencil lines to reveal a clean sketch.

  • Add shading to the petals by drawing elongated lines from their base and a few short lines near the petal edges (Pen).

  • Enhance the back of the petals with long, dense lines to create a sense of depth (Pen).
  • Draw the flower's stems, leaves, and buds (Pen).
  • Use a combination of long and short lines to define the bud's shape and texture (Pen).
  • Create texture on the leaves with long lines, distinguishing them from the buds (Pen).
  • Lastly, intensify the shading on the back of the petals with additional lines, perfecting the appearance of the oriental lily (Pen).

Congratulations! You've successfully created a stem of fully blooming and gorgeous oriental lilies. With this tutorial's help, you can now produce beautiful, professional-looking oriental lily drawings that will charm everyone who sees them.

Tutorial by Echo.Z 

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