How to Use Flowers to Build Business Relationships

How to Use Flowers to Build Business Relationships

Before you even think of sending flowers as corporate gifts, you need to be aware of these important rules:

No Red Roses This Time, Please

Red roses are lovely; just not as a corporate gift. Sending red roses is a clear sign of romantic love. While you can get away with sending these flowers to your mum or bestie, you can’t in a business setting.

Let Us Know It’s For Business

While we won’t add anything extra unless instructed, it’s best to inform us before checkout that these flowers are for business. This way, our florists and delivery personnel will be careful not to send the wrong message.

Consider Allergies and Sensitivities

Flowers are wonderful unless you’re allergic to them. While we hope that not many people have flower allergies, it’s still something you have to consider when sending flowers. Plus, some people can be sensitive to the smell.

Don’t Play Favourites in Public

This is a rule for impressing employees with corporate flower gifts. Unless it’s an employee’s work anniversary, you must give flowers to the entire team or office. This also projects the image that you value teamwork and equality.

Keep It Simple, Safely

Too bold, too big, and too often are three major complaints people might have when receiving inappropriate business gifts. Avoid this by sending small white flower arrangements on special occasions only.

Acceptable Occasions For Corporate Flowers

Unless you’re also a close personal friend of your client or your employee, you should refrain from sending flowers for no reason as a business owner or employer.

Here are times when you can send your clients or your employees flowers as corporate gifts:


  • Client’s Birthday- A white orchid would be an elegant gift.
  • Holiday Season- You may be able to get away with yellow or orange flowers.*


*But it’s still best to avoid strong red or pink colours for the holiday season to minimise romantic connotations in your corporate flower gifts.

As long as you follow these rules, you can cleverly strengthen your business relationships without accidentally committing a dreaded faux pas.

We offer a range of beautiful arrangements that aren't overly romantic to help you express your appreciation appropriately. Just steer clear of our red roses section when shopping for corporate flower gifts.

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