Pet-Friendly Flowers for A Pet-Loving Home

Pet-Friendly Flowers for A Pet-Loving Home

For those who love flowers and pets, it can be a struggle to find safe flowers to place in their homes. Or maybe you want to send someone flowers, but you know they have pets at home. Well, you can actually have the best of both worlds.

There are many flowers out there that may be safe for pets, but these three are almost always mentioned as completely pet-friendly.


Bright and cheery sunflowers are a great gift option for pet owners (or yourself). These simple, unassuming flowers won’t harm your pet (or that of your recipient).


The idolised symbol of love and devotion, roses are a pet-friendly way to one’s heart. You won’t accidentally offend those closest to your recipient with these classic flowers.


Elegant and graceful, orchids are wonders to the eyes and safe for your pet’s senses. If you don’t include these tropical flowers in your pet’s diet, they can stay in your home.

No-No Flowers to Avoid With Pets

Similar to pet-safe flowers, a lot of flowers are poisonous to pets. But these 3 are among the worst when it comes to pet safety, so proceed with caution.


Don’t deliver daffodils if your recipient has pets! Or else, a visit to the vet is what they’ll get. Though these cute yellow flowers look innocent, they are totally toxic to both cats and dogs.


These timeless flowers are also toxic. If you care about pets, don’t try them next. Don’t let your cat or dog nibble any part, or these tulips will break your heart. Seriously, don’t.


A character on Bridgerton and poisonous to pets, hyacinth is best kept away from fur babies. These violet flowers can have violent effects if you let your pets have their way with them. 

If you’re interested in purchasing flowers for a pet lover, we have pet-friendly flowers that can be delivered straight to their home in Melbourne.

For best results, specify in the “Optional instruction for florist” box that the flowers must be 100% safe for a cat or dog. This way, you’ll be sure that what you send won’t irritate their pet.

You can also have our pet-friendly flowers delivered to your pet-loving Melbourne home.





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