Roses Meaning and Symbolism - by colour and number.

Roses Meaning and Symbolism

Roses are always popular for anniversaries, birthdays or other special occasions. The long cultural history of the rose has led to it often being used as a symbol, with factors such as different colours and even the number of stems being used to convey different meanings in different cultures.

  • White Roses

White roses symbolise innocence, purity, a new beginning and a fresh start. They are often used to commemorate engagements, weddings and baptisms. Additionally, they are sometimes used to show sympathy and respect for those who have passed away.

  • Red Roses

Red roses are associated with love, romance, and intense emotions, making them the perfect present for couples on Valentine's Day (14 February) or their anniversary.

  • Pink Roses

Pink roses are a sign of appreciation, poise, admiration, and delight. A deep pink hue is a great way to show gratitude to a pal. A light pink colour conveys joy, gentleness, respect, and grace and is perfect for expressing affection between young people.

  • Yellow Roses

Yellow roses are seen to be a symbol of friendship, cheerfulness, and joy. It is often referred to as a friend's flower because the colour can bring joy, and a bouquet of yellow roses is thought to represent the happiness a friend can obtain.

Meaning by Number

  • 1 rose - Love at first sight
  • 3 roses - I love you
  • 6 roses - I want to be yours
  • 7 roses - I'm obsessed with you
  • 9 roses - Eternal Love
  • 10 roses - Tell that special one, 'they're perfect.'
  • 12 roses - Perfect Love
  • 20 roses - Sincerity and Faith
  • 30 roses - Show your loyalty
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