Top Flowers for Autumn in Melbourne

Top Flowers for Autumn in Melbourne

People often find it difficult to pick the right flowers for the seasons due to the changing climate. As summer ends and autumn begins, they want to replace their floral arrangements with flowers that represent this time of year.

The problem is knowing what kind of flowers grow well during these months and how best to use them in decorations – whether at home, work or events. Without any help, it can be overwhelming trying to decide which ones suit the warmth and beauty of autumn in Melbourne.

At Flower Express, we realise that it’s vital to choose the right yellow and orange bouquets. We’re here to give expert advice plus hand-picked collections of top fall flowers in Melbourne!


Chrysanthemums are classic fall flowers known for their vibrant colours and impressive long life span. These blooms come in many shades such as deep orange hues, rich burgundy tones or bright yellows which give a bouquet or arrangement that warm feeling so closely linked with this time of year.

Symbolising abundance and happiness, chrysanthemums are perfect if you want something more harvest-themed or just cosy inside decorations should do. They are tough enough not only to last but also to keep looking fresh throughout all those weeks when outside nature seems gloomy at best.


There’s something about dahlias’ intricate petal design combined with a captivating colour range that has always made them special among both florists as well as fans alike! Reds like fire; browns earthy; oranges fiery – these plants indeed embody everything that autumn spirit is about!

Whether used within bouquets where they serve as main points or arranged alone dahlia brings elegance into every space thereby making even the most luxurious display look still richer during the season of falling leaves


While summer is turning into fall, sunflowers still catch the season’s light with their golden colours, representing strength, resilience and optimism. They are always a good choice to bring brightness into any space; whether it be used as centrepieces for autumnal wedding tables or just to add cheerfulness in seasonal decorations.

Wherever they’re placed, sunflowers in Melbourne embody joy and hopefulness as they radiate warmth and vibrancy that signifies the autumn season.


Roses are known as flowers of love but they flourish during this time too especially now that we’re in Melbourne experiencing autumn. They come in deep reds or rustic oranges reminding us about passion and enchantment which can be brought upon by this season.

Incorporating roses could make bridal bouquets more romantic while also adding sophistication into any event when included as part of table centrepieces or gift arrangements because no other flower has such an elegant feel against its name so frequently used throughout history than these beauties!



Lavender offers a refreshing contrast to the bolder hues of autumn with its soothing aroma and delicate blooms. Ideal for creating tranquil arrangements or adding a subtle touch of colour to indoor spaces, lavender embodies the tranquillity of the season. 

Whether used in dried arrangements, wreaths, or as accents in bouquets, lavender adds a touch of elegance and serenity to any setting, creating a sense of calm amidst the bustling energy of autumn.


Symbolising optimism and prosperity, marigolds are a beloved autumn flower in Melbourne, with their vibrant orange and yellow petals bringing a burst of colour to gardens, events, and celebrations. 

Whether planted in outdoor gardens or used as decorative elements in floral arrangements, marigolds capture the essence of autumn in their cheerful demeanour, spreading warmth and happiness wherever they bloom.


Zinnias, with their bold hues and whimsical charm, are a delightful addition to autumn floral arrangements. Available in shades of pink, red, orange, and yellow, zinnias add a playful touch to bouquets and centrepieces, infusing them with a sense of joy and spontaneity. 

Whether to brighten up indoor spaces or create eye-catching outdoor displays, zinnias evoke delight, embodying the spirit of autumn in their vibrant petals.

Embrace Autumn's Beauty with Flower Express

As fall begins to take over Melbourne, let the beauty of nature inspire your flower arrangements. There's a flower for every event, from the bright colours of chrysanthemums and dahlias to the happy glow of sunflowers and marigolds to the classic beauty of roses and lavender. Check out our beautiful selection of fall flowers, and let us help you put the beautiful colours of the season around you. Talk to us today.


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