What Can Flowers Do?

What Can Flowers Do?

What Can Flowers Do?

Aside from conveying your intention to the recipient, flowers provide tangible benefits to those receiving them.

Reduce Negativity - Flowers can significantly reduce negative mood states such as depression, irritation, and tiredness.

Distract from Stress ‚ÄĒ Flowers can induce automatic distraction from a stressor and contribute to preferred states of the nervous system after stress.

 rease Relaxation - Flowers can provide physiological relaxation, which is when the body responds more relaxedly.

Give More Energy - Flowers can promote a positive mood state of vigour, meaning recipients will feel more energetic.

Lead to True Happiness, Improved Behaviour, and Better Memory - A series of studies revealed that:

  • Women who received a mixed-flower bouquet consistently responded with the Duchenne smile, which indicates true happiness.
  • Flowers given to both men and women led to improved social behaviour.
  • Flowers given to those aged 55 and above prompted better episodic memory.

Benefits of Specific Flower Colours

Scientists have studied the psychological and emotional benefits of receiving and viewing flowers in these colours:

Yellow Flower Benefits

A 2021 study revealed that yellow flowers can positively affect one’s physiological status, improve relaxation, and significantly reduce negative mood states such as depression, anger, and fatigue.

White Chrysanthemum Benefits

The results of a 2021 study implied that viewing a white chrysanthemum can promote automatic recovery effects after stress and reduce negative emotions.

Red Rose Benefits

A 2017 study indicated that viewing red roses can lead to physiological and psychological relaxation, such as improved mood states and increased perceptions of positive feelings.

Pink Rose Benefits

In a 2014 study, office workers who were exposed to pink roses had a higher likelihood of feeling relaxed and comfortable, as well as significantly lower levels of negative mood states, including depression, anger, fatigue, anxiety, and confusion.

Benefits of Pink, White, Red, and Yellow Flowers

A 2012 study showed that pink and white flowers were effective in reducing negative feelings (including anger, anxiety, and fatigue), while red and yellow flowers were effective in promoting vigour.

When sending flowers to someone, you’re sending a lot of positive benefits their way. If you know that person is having a hard time, why not help them regain their joy with flowers?

We offer fresh flowers in different colours, for different budgets, and for different occasions. Have positivity delivered to the person who needs it the most? With something as convenient as flowers, you can ensure someone’s well-being today.


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