Flowers Express Co.: Your Melbourne One-Stop Shop for All Occasions

Flowers Express Co.: Your Melbourne One-Stop Shop for All Occasions

Finding the perfect gift for every occasion can be a challenging task in Melbourne’s crowded centre – yet, it’s a place where every moment is worth celebrating. Regardless of whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, wedding or corporate event, each occasion requires an individualised love, mirth or respectful expression.

This is where Flowers Express Co. comes in - providing flowers and floral arrangements of all kinds to meet your requirements. Whether you are marking a special moment or just want to make someone’s day brighter, we have a wide range of flower arrangements and gifts that will create unforgettable experiences for any celebration.

Why Flowers Express Co.?

When looking for flowers of the highest quality for any occasion in Melbourne, one shop stands out above others - Flowers Express Co. But what makes Flowers Express Co. so different from other companies? Let’s look at why we believe that you should select Flowers Express Co. as your number one florist in Melbourne.

Exceptional quality

Flower Express Co ensures exceptional quality of its floral arrangements by using fresh flowers obtained from reliable suppliers. Every bouquet is artistically done by their professional florists, ensuring entire perfection and complete attraction of each piece.

Great variety

For birthdays, anniversaries or funerals, Flowers Express Co. has all types of floral arrangements such that it suits every person’s taste and preference. This can range from the common roses to very unique flowers.

Customisation options

At Flowers Express, we know that our customers are different people with their own needs; therefore they have options on how to make this arrangement specific to them. You can choose the type of flower you want, colour selections and also provide personal touches so that it matches your feelings.


Ordering from Flowers Express Co. has been made easy. Our website is user friendly which allows you to browse through our collection to place your orders. You can schedule deliveries easily plus our delivery services are always reliable. Your flowers will always arrive fresh on time.

Exceptional customer service

When making an order at Flower Express Co., utmost care is given to ensuring full satisfaction of customers’ needs. A friendly team who knows everything about flowers is always there to help you.

Value for money

Even though we deliver premium-quality flowers accompanied by great service delivery, we strive hard not to go beyond your budget. This means that you can buy beautiful floral arrangements without having to spend a fortune.

Trust and reputation

Having been in the business for many years and being highly regarded, Flowers Express Co is an emblem of trust in Melbourne. The customer reviews show that we are committed to excellent service delivery.

Flower Delivery Services in Melbourne

Flowers Express Co. is committed to your flowers reaching the destination in time and perfect condition. Here is what differentiates our delivery services from others:


Timely delivery is recognised to be essential in a variety of circumstances and especially special occasions. We can provide same-day delivery for those last-minute surprises.

Local and international reach

Whether you need to send flowers across town or around the world, you can trust Flowers Express Co. We have local delivery services that cover Melbourne and its surrounding areas as well as international deliveries.

Delivery tracking

You will be able to track your order every step of the way with Flowers Express Co.’s delivery tracking system. Right from when we dispatch it up to when it gets to its final destination at the recipient’s doorsteps. You can always follow up on how things are going so as to have a peace of mind.

Careful handling

When it comes to delivering flowers, Flowers Express Co is fully responsible for all arrangements delivered by them. We employ a team which ensures that each package is handled with utmost care so that your flowers would be fresh, glowing with life and flawless.

Delivery updates

During the process of delivering your flowers, you will never be left guessing by our company since we ensure constant communication. You will receive timely updates informing you about how far your order has reached including confirmation of delivery once your flowers reach their intended receiver.


It doesn't matter where you want the goods to be delivered either at home, office, hospital or event centre. Flowers Express Co. has your back with flexible delivery services. You can indicate when and at what time these flowers should be delivered.

Pick a Beautiful Bloom for Any Occasion Flowers Express Co.

With Flowers Express Co., you have found the best florist that will keep your love blooming in Melbourne. With immense quality, variety, customisation and convenient delivery services, we ensure that your sentiments are beautifully expressed every time. Order now to create an exceptional event with Flowers Express Co.!

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