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Fresh Flowers

Discover fresh flowers in Port Melbourne from Flowers Express Co. Our catalogue boasts a diverse range of floral arrangements, each sourced directly from local growers, ensuring you get nothing but the freshest and the most vibrant blooms.

Whether you're looking for elegant lilies, vibrant tulips or classic roses, we've got you covered. Our experienced florists are ready to arrange the perfect bouquet for any special occasion.

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Same Day Delivery to Port Melbourne

Do you need a thoughtful, last-minute gift? No worries. We offer same-day delivery across Port Melbourne for orders placed before 3 PM Mon-Friday and 3 PM Saturday. In just a few clicks, your chosen flowers will be on their way to brighten someone's day.

As much as we pride ourselves in offering amazing flower arrangements, we take pride in our friendly and professional drivers.

Colour Splash Bouquet

Infuse vibrancy into any occasion with our Colour Splash Bouquet. This colourful collection encapsulates joy, celebration, and the effervescence of life. Our florists skillfully combine a variety of fresh, seasonal blooms into a bouquet that is sure to dazzle.

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Native Flowers

Embrace Australia's unique floral heritage with our Native Flowers collection. From the vibrant Waratah to the delicate Waxflower, each arrangement pays homage to our diverse local flora. These bouquets are not just stunning, but they also bring a piece of Australian wilderness into your home.

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Colour Splash Jar

Capture the essence of joy and beauty with our Colour Splash Jar. This spectacular arrangement combines a vibrant mix of seasonal flowers in an elegant glass jar, instantly lighting up any room. It's not just an arrangement, it's a burst of happiness contained in a jar.

Colour Splash Box

The Colour Splash Box from Florist Port Melbourne is a visual treat that mirrors the radiance of nature. It's a harmonious assembly of seasonal flowers, creating an impactful, vibrant display. Ideal for every occasion, or just to bring a splash of colour into your living space, our Colour Splash Box is sure to delight.

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Speak the language of love, admiration, and friendship with our exceptional collection of roses. At Florist Port Melbourne, we offer roses in various colours, each signifying unique sentiments. Whether it's the timeless charm of red roses or the cheerful vibes of yellow ones, we ensure the freshest blooms to convey your heartfelt emotions.

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Seasonal Flowers

Celebrate the changing beauty of nature with our range of Seasonal Flowers. Our local florist curates the finest blooms of each season and turn them into a wide selection of alluring arrangements that reflect the spirit of different seasons of the year. Experience the freshness of spring, the warmth of summer, the colours of fall, and the tranquillity of winter with our seasonal flower collections.

Beautiful Range of Flowers Delivered Today

Our Flower Delivery service in Port Melbourne ensures that your fresh blooms reach their destination swiftly and safely. Whether it's a surprise for your loved ones, a congratulatory gift, or a spontaneous expression of your emotions, we've got you covered.

We also offer a range of beautiful gifts that perfectly matches your bouquet. Place your order before 3 PM Mon-Friday and 3 PM Saturday for same-day delivery and we promise your flowers will arrive fresh and on time.

Share the Joy with Flowers Port Melbourne

There's no better way to celebrate life's special moments or add cheer to an ordinary day than with our fresh flowers. Browse through our exquisite collections at Flowers Port Melbourne and choose the arrangement that speaks to your heart.

With just a few clicks, your perfect bouquet will be on its way to bring joy to your day or the day of a loved one.

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Sending Flowers is Easy

Discover the beauty and joy of giving and receiving fresh flowers with us. Choose Florist Port Melbourne as your trusted florist and let us help you create unforgettable moments, one flower arrangement at a time.

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